Re: Smart home gadget calls police

Subject: Re: Smart home gadget calls police
From: (RS Wood)
Newsgroups:, dictator.general
Date: Jul 11 2017 13:15:25
On 2017-07-10, JAB <> wrote:
On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 14:26:15 +0200, Paul Sture <>

It's only a matter of time before

Big Brother is watching you, at home:-)

It's just so astounding to me that this kind of technology wasn't imposed by
a malevant uber-state, but rather heartily snapped up at the shops by
willing consumers excited to have this latest toy in their homes.

George Orwell, if he were alive, wouldn't even reccognize this age.  It
would be incomprehensible how things have turned.

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