the Halo Effect

Subject: the Halo Effect
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Mar 20 2017 16:05:13

Here's where it begins - the fear of migrants as a threat to culture.
Interesting psychology here.

Buch, on the surface, appears to be an unlikely source of
anti-immigrant anger.

For one: There are few migrants here. While many nearby parts of Berlin
are tremendously diverse, filled with refugees and other immigrants
from all over the world, Buch has remained overwhelmingly white,
despite the presence of a small refugee center in the middle of town.

Social scientists call this the “halo effect”: a phenomenon, repeated
across Europe, in which people are most likely to vote for far-right
politicians if they live close to diverse areas, but not actually
within them.

Jens Rydgren and Patrick Ruth, sociologists at the University of
Stockholm, wrote in 2011 that people in such communities may be close
enough to immigrants to feel they are under threat, but still too far
to have the kinds of regular, friendly interactions that would dispel
their fears.

Eric Kaufmann, a political scientist at Birkbeck College in London, has
found that rising diversity can push the “halo” outward. East London
was a center of far-right activity in the 1970s, but as neighborhoods
there became more diverse, far-right support fell and rose in the
whiter suburbs just beyond them.

Buch, too, seems to fit that pattern. Despite the arrival of some
refugees, there are so few Muslims that the supermarket does not even
stock halal meats. But it lies in a district that borders Wedding, one
of the most diverse parts of Berlin.

Buch’s white residents, according to this theory, are fearful not
because their lives or jobs have been upended by migration, but because
they perceive this as happening in areas like Wedding and worry they
could be next.

Dildo Baggins <>

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