Fake news spreads faster, lasts longer

Subject: Fake news spreads faster, lasts longer
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Date: Nov 13 2016 01:55:22

A BuzzFeed investigation found that of the Facebook posts it examined
from three major right-wing websites, 38 percent were either false or
a mixture of truth and falsehood. More discouraging, it was the lies
that readers were particularly eager to share and thus profitable to
publish. Freedom Daily had the most inaccurate Facebook page reviewed,
and also produced the right-wing content most likely to go viral.

Some of the people promoting these sites aren’t even conservatives;
they’re foreign entrepreneurs trying to build websites that gain a
large audience and thus advertising dollars.

Alt-right and fake news sites for some reason have emerged in
particular in Macedonia, in the former Yugoslavia. BuzzFeed found more
than 100 sites about U.S. politics from a single town, Veles,
population 45,000, in Macedonia. “I started the site for a easy way to
make money,” a 17-year-old Macedonian who runs DailyNewsPolitics.com
told BuzzFeed.

Facebook has been a powerful platform to disseminate these lies. If
people see many articles on their Facebook feed, shared by numerous
conservative friends, all indicating that Hillary Clinton is about to
be indicted for crimes she committed, they may believe it.

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These sites were dubbed “alt-right” because they originally were an
alternative to mainstream conservatism. Today they have morphed into
the mainstream: After all, Steve Bannon, the head of Breitbart, one of
these sites full of misinformation, ran Trump’s campaign.

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