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Subject: [M] no more publicity for the terrorists
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Date: Jul 30 2016 17:12:02
From the «they're some ugly bastards anyway» department:
Title: French News Organizations Pledge to Stop Publishing Names and Photos of Terrorists
Author: martyb
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 10:53:00 -0400
Link: https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=16/07/29/0141258&from=rss

takyon[1] writes:

Several French news organizations, including Le Monde, BFM-TV, La Croix, Europe
1, and France 24[2], are changing their policies relating to the broadcast and
publishing of terrorist names and photographs[3]. Le Monde's director argued
that publishing the information amounted to "posthumous glorification":

Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish
photographs of people responsible for terrorist killings, to avoid bestowing
"posthumous glorification".

Le Monde published an editorial after the latest attack, the murder of an
elderly priest in a church near Rouen[4] by two men claiming allegiance to
Islamic State. Under the headline "Resisting the strategy of hate[5]", Le
Monde argued on Wednesday that all elements of society had to be involved in
the struggle against terrorism, and that media organisations had a special
role to play.

"The sites and newspapers that produce this information cannot excuse
themselves from self-examination on several fronts. Since Isis terrorism
first appeared, Le Monde has changed its practices several times," the
newspaper said.

It first chose not to republish images from Isis propaganda documents. Then,
after the attack in Nice on 14 July, when a truck drove through crowds
enjoying the Bastille Day[6] public holiday, Le Monde said it had decided to
"no longer publish photographs of the perpetrators of killings, to avoid the
potential effect of posthumous glorification".

France Télévisions [sic] resisted following suit, with the executive director
of news saying, "we must resist this race towards self-censorship and grand
declarations of intention."

There have been similar calls in the U.S.[7] to pressure media organizations to
self-censor the names and photographs of mass killers, culminating in the
formation of a campaign called No Notoriety[8], founded by the parents of one
of the victims of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

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Original Submission[10]

Read more of this story[11] at SoylentNews.

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