[USA] Congress starts growing a pair of balls

Subject: [USA] Congress starts growing a pair of balls
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Date: Mar 15 2019 20:06:51

Sort of.  Probably the Orange Cheeto has made himself an election
liability for Republican congressmen desperate to get reelected.


The series of votes vividly demonstrated a newfound willingness to
stand up to the president among some of his Republican allies on
Capitol Hill. And they underscored a deep frustration in Congress about
the president’s supposed scorn for a coequal branch of government.

“We have an issue that has been litigated and adjudicated through
Congress. I mean, what was more litigated than this very question? We
had a government shutdown for crying out loud,” said Senator Patrick J.
Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania, referring to funding for the border
wall, which Mr. Trump is trying to secure with an emergency declaration
that would circumvent Congress.

“It’s about separation of powers,” Mr. Toomey said. “It’s about
respecting the principles of the Constitution.”

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