[M] Chelsea, Wiklinks, and contempt

Subject: [M] Chelsea, Wiklinks, and contempt
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Date: Mar 11 2019 01:45:43
From the «fer fuck's sake, Brad» department:
Title: Chelsea Manning Jailed for Contempt of Court, Refused to Testify in an Investigation Into WikiLeaks
Author: chromas
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2019 22:30:00 -0500
Link: https://soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=19/03/09/015249&from=rss

takyon[1] writes:

Chelsea Manning sent to jail for refusing to testify in WikiLeaks case[2]

Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning will be held in jail until
she testifies before a grand jury or that grand jury is no longer operating,
a federal judge in Alexandria ruled Friday.

Most of the hearing at which prosecutors argued for Manning to be held in
contempt was sealed, but the court was open to the public for Judge Claude M.
Hilton's ruling. "I've found you in contempt," Hilton said. He ordered her to
custody immediately, "either until you purge yourself or the end of the life
of the grand jury."

Manning was called to testify in an investigation into WikiLeaks, the
anti-secrecy website she shared classified documents with back in 2010.
Manning served seven years of a 35 year prison sentence for her leak before
receiving a commutation from President Barack Obama.

Outside court before the hearing, Manning said she was prepared to go to
jail. "These secret proceedings tend to favor the government," she said. "I'm
always willing to explain things publicly."

Older article[3]. Also at BBC[4], The Guardian[5], and Associated Press[6].

Original Submission[7]

Read more of this story[8] at SoylentNews.

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