[USA] roadblock to reform: Mitch "Goggle Eyed Bastard" McConnell

Subject: [USA] roadblock to reform: Mitch "Goggle Eyed Bastard" McConnell
From: rswood@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
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Date: Mar 09 2019 16:31:34
This just in from Mitch:  "I suck Donald Trump's ball sack."


Mr. McConnell called the bill the “Democrat Politician Protection
Act” (and a “turkey”) and predicted that lawmakers who back it will
suffer come re-election time. As political logic, this is questionable.
If the Republican leader really thought the package was a loser, he
would absolutely bring it to the floor to force Democratic lawmakers to
own it — which is, notably, the path he has pledged to pursue with the
Green New Deal, which is supported by many Democrats. The Green New
Deal, an assortment of ideas for fighting climate change and remaking
the economy, is even more sprawling and amorphous than the For the
People Act. Mr. McConnell is panting to have members vote on it.

Asked this week why the two measures were being handled so differently,
the Republican leader didn’t bother making up excuses. He said simply,
“Because I get to decide what we vote on.”

This grade-school taunt masks a deep current of fear and loathing.
Loathing, because Mr. McConnell is a longtime enemy of campaign finance
reform. Killing such efforts can seem like his singular legislative

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