Re: [Venezuela] smells like stalemate/stagnation

Subject: Re: [Venezuela] smells like stalemate/stagnation
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Date: Feb 17 2019 22:57:56
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Beware Americans bearing gifts

US ‘humanitarian aid’ ups the risk of violent conflict in Venezuela,
writes Vanessa Baird.

Food has long been used as a weapon of war. And the $20 million worth
of US food and medicine at the border of Venezuela is a veritable

Its purpose is cynical and hostile: to topple the government of
President Nicolás Maduro. It comes atop the most punishing US economic
sanctions which President Trump has just scaled up to include oil

There is no doubt that the beleaguered Venezuelan people could do with
supplies of food and medicine, but this is an abuse of
humanitarianism. The Red Cross and the charity Caritas, operating in
Venezuela, have indicated that they cannot co-operate in the
distribution of aid given in such circumstances.

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