Re: Mitch McConnell has played

Subject: Re: Mitch McConnell has played
From: (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Date: Jan 18 2019 17:57:51
On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 12:34:05 -0600
JAB <> wrote:

Trump is doing immense damage. He has a hidden helper.

Two new blockbuster scoops about President Trump’s relations with
Russia -- combined with fresh signs that Trump will drag out the
government shutdown indefinitely -- should renew our focus on the
quiet but critical role that Mitch McConnell has played in enabling
the damage that Trump is doing to the country on so many fronts.

Sadly, the Washington Post allowed McConnell to post a diatribe of an
opinion piece about how it's all the Democrats' fault.  The truth
probably lies somewhere in between.  What's unequivocally true is that
at present, neither party is fighting in any way, shape, or form, for
the American people but are purely engaged in party theatrics/politics
for political gain.

Burn the place down and start over.

Where the fuck is our new party?  The two we've got both suck.

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