Re: Brazil/Venezuela: Bolsonaro vs Maduro, fight!

Subject: Re: Brazil/Venezuela: Bolsonaro vs Maduro, fight!
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Date: Jan 13 2019 03:28:38
On Tue, 8 Jan 2019 23:18:11 -0500, RS Wood <>

The political and personal characteristics of these two leaders,
inaugurated just days apart, are a recipe for disaster.

US calls for ‘new government’ in Venezuela

The State Department expressed support Saturday for an opposition
party's bid to replace Nicolás Maduro as Venezuela's leader, declaring
Maduro's government illegitimate.

A statement from the agency's deputy spokesman, Robert Palladino,
encouraged the Venezuelan General Assembly's president, Juan Guaidó,
who on Friday told supporters outside the legislature he was prepared
to invoke the country's constitution to remove Maduro and serve as
interim president.

Maduro, who was recently elected to a second six-year term, has faced
accusations of illegitimacy from the U.S. and other nations due to low
voter turnout, boycotts and ballot irregularities that occurred during
last year's election.

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