Re: Romney slams Trump's character

Subject: Re: Romney slams Trump's character
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Date: Jan 08 2019 07:45:43
On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 17:00:27 -0500, RS Wood <>

Trying to figure out what Mitt's game plan must be here

"Romney has since responded to criticism of his op-ed, explaining that
he wanted to make it "clear" where he stands as he begins to enter a
new career in the Senate."

More on your question after the bump here...

GOP Strategist Slams House Republicans For Looking Like A 1950s
Corporate Board

Democrats "look like America and our future," tweets a top aide to
Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.
GOP strategist Stuart Stevens slammed the "optics" of his party’s
representatives on Friday, saying they looked like members of a
corporate board from the 1950s -- i.e., a bunch of white guys.

A photo of the Democrats, on the other hand, looked like "America and
our future," tweeted Stevens, who served as a top aide to Sen. Mitt
Romney’s (R-Utah) 2012 presidential campaign against Barack Obama.

Romney slams Trump’s choice of ‘bigot’ pastor for Jerusalem embassy

Evangelical Baptist minister Robert Jeffress has made disparaging
remarks against gays, Jews, Mormons and Islam
14 May 2018

I suspect its Romney's character to speak out...

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