[USA] a lifetime of petty theft

Subject: [USA] a lifetime of petty theft
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Date: Aug 23 2018 19:02:05
A "lifestyle," perhaps.


Like a Lady Macbeth with an AmEx debit card, Margaret Hunter appeared
to be the brains behind the operation to plunder her husband’s campaign
finances. The California congressman needed to buy shorts? Shop at a
golf pro shop, she allegedly encouraged him in so many words, according
to a Tuesday indictment. That way you can claim the shorts were golf
balls, purchased for the Wounded Warriors charity.

Duncan Hunter’s family needed “groceries, household items, toiletries,
cosmetics and vitamins”? They’re all gift basket items, she allegedly
told the campaign’s treasurer. Nobody, of course, questions a society
woman and her charity gift baskets.

The congressman himself was a prolific filcher. In the indictment,
which alleges $250,000 in misused money over nearly a decade, he was
forever going to Best Buy and a place called Sally’s Fish House Bar,
using his campaign funding to buy iPods and beers, along with splurging
on golf outings and airline tickets.

RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com>

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