[USA] how the 2016 elections were hacked

Subject: [USA] how the 2016 elections were hacked
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Date: Aug 08 2018 13:11:49
Title: How they did it: GRU hackers vs. US elections
Author: Thom Holwerda
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2018 17:29:56 -0400
Link: http://osnews.com/story/30614/How_they_did_it_GRU_hackers_vs_US_elections

In a press briefing just two weeks ago, Deputy Attorney General Rod
Rosenstein announced that the grand jury assembled by Special Counsel Robert
Mueller had returned an indictment against 12 officers of Russia's Main
Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (better known as
Glavnoye razvedyvatel'noye upravleniye, or GRU). The indictment was for
conducting "active cyber operations with the intent of interfering in the
2016 presidential election." [...] The allegations are backed up by data
collected from service provider logs, Bitcoin transaction tracing, and
additional forensics. The DOJ also relied on information collected by US (and
likely foreign) intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Reading between
the lines, the indictment reveals that the Mueller team and other US
investigators likely gained access to things like Twitter direct messages and
hosting company business records and logs, and they obtained or directly
monitored email messages associated with the GRU (and possibly WikiLeaks). It
also appears that the investigation ultimately had some level of access to
internal activities of two GRU offices. [...] Yet, after a summit meeting
with Russia's President Vladimir Putin just days following the indictment,
Trump publicly expressed doubt that Russia was involved. The president has
said that Putin strongly denied any interference in the election - even as
the United States' own director of national Iintelligence, Dan Coats,
reiterated the conclusion that Russia was responsible for the attacks. With
such rhetoric, Trump has continued to send mixed messages about the findings
of his own intelligence and law enforcement teams, while seeming to put more
stock in Putin's insistence that the Russian government had nothing to do
with any of this. After digging into this latest indictment[1], the evidence
suggests Trump may not have made a very good call on this matter. But his
blaming of the victims of the attacks for failing to have good enough
security, while misguided, does strike on a certain truth: the Clinton
campaign, the DNC, and DCC were poorly prepared for this sort of attack,
failed to learn lessons from history, and ignored advice from some very
knowledgeable third parties they enlisted for help.

A detailed look at how Russia attacked the United States election process.
Sadly, this being the internet, we probably won't be able to keep the
discussion focused on the technical process, but can we all promise to at least
try? Regardless of political affiliation, all of us should be worried about the
election process of the most powerful country on earth being this easily
manipulated by external forces.

[1]: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/from-bitly-to-x-agent-how-gru-hackers-targeted-the-2016-presidential-election/ (link)

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