Republican Rationalizations

Subject: Republican Rationalizations
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Date: Aug 06 2018 17:14:47
Interesting how they flip-flop to  "save" Trump

1.  Did Trump Just Admit to an Impeachable Offense?
Prosecutor Brett Kavanaugh says yes. Judge Brett Kavanaugh says no.

Problem is this is not about Clinton's sex issues...but violation of
US's Constitution and federal laws.

2.  Sen. Rand Paul, who has supported President Donald Trump's effort
to improve relations with Russia, announced Monday that Russian
lawmakers have agreed to visit the U.S. Capitol. --Paul has praised
Trump's meeting with Putin, and has also downplayed Moscow's
interference in U.S. elections, claiming that all countries meddle in
foreign elections.

What Paul ignores is Trump's economic interest in Russia...Trump has
not put his property/company into a blind trust, nor has he disclosed
his IRS tax records.

Paul and Judge Brett Kavanaugh are supporting their party, not U.S.A.



The Partisan Battle Brett Kavanaugh Now Regrets

WASHINGTON — By the beginning of 1998, Brett M. Kavanaugh seemed set:
a Yale law degree, three judicial clerkships, including one with
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, and, less than a decade out of law school,
a coveted partnership at Kirkland & Ellis, a prominent law firm with
offices a block from the White House.

At just 32, Mr. Kavanaugh had wrapped up a three-year stint working
for his mentor, Ken Starr, on the sprawling Whitewater investigation
of President Bill Clinton. The inquiry was finally winding down, and
Mr. Kavanaugh believed it was in some ways deeply flawed, telling an
audience at Georgetown University Law Center, "It makes no sense at
all to have an independent counsel looking at the conduct of the
Not long after Mr. Starr’s high-profile testimony, the House voted
almost entirely along party lines to impeach Mr. Clinton on two counts
that mirrored parts of the grounds proposed by Mr. Starr and his
protégé, Mr. Kavanaugh. But after a five-week trial in the Senate, Mr.
Clinton was acquitted, with Republicans joining Democrats in opposing

Problem with his rationalization is it suggests its OK for Trump to
shoot/kill people.  Is it OK for a president to "sell out" US to make
a buck in Russia?  There is a difference between a sex scandal, and
compromising a nation's interest, for a president's self interest.

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