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Date: Aug 02 2018 22:30:28
Trump is leading a ‘hate movement’ against the media

When the owner of a Virginia restaurant asked the White House press
secretary to leave out of dismay over the administration’s policies,
the civility refs threw a blizzard of flags onto the field. The
refrain was that, no matter how deeply felt our political differences
may be, keeping the litigation of those differences civil is essential
to preventing our political life from spiraling into dysfunction.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta -- one of President Trump’s favorite
human targets -- and other members of the media were abused and
heckled by Trump supporters at a rally in Florida. Videos of the event
show the crowd at one point loudly chanting "CNN sucks," with many
angrily brandishing middle fingers in the direction of the living,
breathing members of the press corps.

Trump’s son, Eric Trump, tweeted out video of the "CNN sucks" chant,
with the hashtag #Truth, while directly singling out Acosta. And the
president himself retweeted his son. The president’s son is actively
encouraging Trump supporters to direct rage and abuse toward working
journalists, and the president is joining in, helping to spread the

You might think it reeks of "whataboutism" to juxtapose this event
with the expulsion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. On the contrary, I’d
like to argue that both these events belong in the same category: They
both were the direct result of Trump’s nonstop and very deliberate
efforts to provoke as much rage and division as he can, in as many
quarters as he can. The profound imbalance and asymmetry revealed by
the juxtaposition of the two situations is the real story here.
Indeed, when Sanders was asked to leave, the exchange was reportedly
civil. The real tell came after, as Brian Beutler points out: The
White House whipped up a campaign of retributive rage at the
restaurant owner. Whether you agree with the expulsion or not, the
White House took deliberate action to turn it into a major and
divisive cultural event, in a manner similar to Trump’s multiple other

The Acosta affair reveals that the asymmetry here is the story. Trump
is now actively encouraging his supporters to direct their fury and
abuse toward those whose institutional role is to hold the powerful

Early on in this presidency, the savvy response to Trump’s assaults on
the press was to treat them as mere gamesmanship: Trump doesn’t really
mean any of this; it’s all a big show; behind the scenes, our media
and political elites are just as chummy as ever. That comfortable
illusion stopped being sustainable long ago. Now the possibility
cannot be dismissed that it could end up getting shattered more
violently than we expect.

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