Dictator Hierarchy

Subject: Dictator Hierarchy
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Date: Mar 18 2019 07:16:37
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The dictator hierarchy contains 8 text-only newsgroups focusing discussion on
the practice and geopolitics of autocracy, tyranny, and bad governance
worldwide.  The hierarchy is aggressively managed to keep it high quality,
spam-free, on-topic, and civil.

If you are interested in carrying this hierarchy (yay!), everything you need
to know is at http://dictatorshandbook.net/usenet/usenetadmin.html, including
checkgroups.txt, control.ctl, the PGP signature for control messages, Innfeed
status, and peering information.  Some of it is reproduced here for
convenience.  To ensure good propagation of articles, we are interested in
peering as widely as possible, and because our daily newsfeed is less than
100kb, it's not hard to carry our newsgroups.

The newsgroups' charter is located at
www.dictatorshandbook.net/forumcharter.html.  Address questions or concerns to
zafiro17 at gmail.com, an address that is checked daily by the
administrators.  For any other questions, have a look at
www.dictatorshandbook.net.  This hierarchy is run by Randall Wood, co-author
of the Dictator's Handbook, a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant.
(Review copies are available at no charge: contact us).

List of Groups (checkgroups)

The list of groups currently available in this hierarchy is as follows, and can
be downloaded in text format from checkgroups.txt. Because this is a very
stable hierarchy with few or any changes to its structure, checkgroups messages
are sent out only monthly.

dictator.asia Autocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Asia
dictator.europe Autocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Europe
dictator.africa Autocracy, tyranny, bad governance in Africa
dictator.mideast Autocracy, tyranny, bad governance in MiddleEast
dictator.america Autocracy, tyranny, bad governance in America
dictator.general The art of autocracy, tyranny, and dictatorship
dictator.chitchat Topics only marginally related to bad governance
dictator.announce Announcements for the dictator.* hierarchy

Control Messages (control.ctl)

You can download control.ctl from
http://dictatorshandbook.net/usenet/control.ctl. It reads as follows:

## DICTATOR (Dictators Handbook) control.ctl
# Contact: randito@dictatorshandbook.net or see www.therandymon.com
# URL: http://dictatorshandbook.net/usenet/usenetadmin.html

PGP Signature

All control messages are cryptographically signed by randito@dictatorshandbook.net
Download the public key from

Innfeed Status

You can see the status of Innfeed at

Peering Information


peer dictatorshandbook.net {
     hostname: dictatorshandbook.net
     streaming: true
     max-connections: 2


peer dictatorshandbook.net {
     ip-name: dictatorshandbook.net
     port-number: 119



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