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Subject: Forum Charter
From: (Richard M. Tater)
Newsgroups: dictator.announce
Organization: The Dictator's Handbook
Date: Mar 17 2019 08:15:00

March, 2019: Question: what's the difference between Daniel Ortega and a
sixteen pound bag of horse shit? Answer: Nothing.  Dick's in the house.


This forum's purpose is to encourage informed, intelligent discussion about
dictators, tyrants, and pretenders-to-the-throne, and their methods. Since
these autocrats all seem to be using the same play book, we track and discuss
it in the context of the book.  It's not just tyrants, though: the tools of bad
governance cloaked in the language of democracy is increasingly the way of the

Provided you are interested in the subject matter and are willing to contribute
constructively, we'd love you to join the discussion, either by posting news of
your own or by commenting on the rolling newsfeed that provides links to
articles of interest. It's optimized for speed and low bandwidth access, so
it's easy to use on any Internet-enabled device from phones to tablets to
desktops. The forum doesn't require you log in, have a real address, verify
your email, or anything. You are totally anonymous, as you should be if you're
going to discuss dictators.

It also has no advertising; we're not selling advertising and we're not
interested in your personal information. In fact, we're not selling anything
other than our fabulous book and related merchandise. We are certainly not
selling anything related to your personal information. We find that refreshing,
and hopefully you do too.

Please read the forum charter first (below). In participating, you agree to be
bound by it.


The purpose of this forum is to encourage discussion and debate on dictators
and their methods, as well as our book. It is intended to permit anonymous
discussion (use any alias you'd like). Links will regularly be posted here to
recent news articles about germane topics, and discussion can go from there.
Feel free to post what you want here; it doesn't have to be the NewsFeeder that
starts all the conversations. See the charter below for more information on
usage rules and netiquette. Note: Presence of a country does not necessarily
mean it is a dictatorship; absence of a country on the forum doesn't mean it is
not. Simply, a post means a subject covered by the book was employed in that


No spam ever. Every single spam message will be deleted, and if it gets to be a
major problem, we will take other appropriate measures.  Keep the posts on
topic, and relevant to the appropriate country. If we're feeling bitchy, we
might nuke off-topic conversation as well, just to keep the place organized and
on-topic.  Be civil: treat your fellow interlocutors with respect.  Typically,
it is customary to post your replies below the previous text.  Under no
circumstances will we permit links to, discussions about, or any reference to
warez, cracking, child pornography, or illegal drug use. All offending posts
will be immediately removed and other appropriate actions may be taken as
necessary and at the owners' sole discretion.  No douchebaggery.  Yes, you.
Expect a content filter to go up soon blocking the shitstains at Dizum.  Waa,
waa, waa, censorship.  It doesn't count if what you're blocking is worthless.


The Dictator hierarchy is now being carried by,
probably one of the best respected news providers.  Again, we've got great
coverage via German NSPs!  Thanks to to, and,
up.  Thanks as well to the folks at and who got
the ball rolling.  Also carrying our groups are,,,,,,,,,,,,
highwinds,,, and newservers.  And,
after some polling, we can confirm the dictator hierarchy is available on
Virginmedia,,, and   Just found it
on as well, and we hope to have narkive archive it before long.
Stay tuned.

Update: we're getting posts from Tor as well - just as it should be.  Rock on,

This charter - other than the snarky intro - last updated on 10 March 2019.

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