[USA] petty crooks with empty souls

Subject: [USA] petty crooks with empty souls
From: rsw@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Organization: solani.org
Date: Jun 08 2018 14:48:30

Why is the Trump administration full of small-time grifters? Clearly,
they take their cues from their boss, who famously enjoys sycophancy
and demeaning his subordinates, up to and including top officials.
Indeed, I suspect that many of his officials are engaged in what I once
saw described as “bicycling”: bowing to the man above while trampling
on those below.

And it has been striking how supportive Trump has been of officials
like Pruitt caught out in petty abuses of their position, despite the
bad press. Clearly, he sees nothing wrong in what they’re doing; it’s
what he would do, and in fact does himself.

So as I said, we’re being governed by men with small and empty souls.
Does it matter?

In a direct sense, not really. There’s a good case that Trump’s own
profiteering is doing huge damage, but the small ways in which his
officials have been ripping off taxpayers are trivial compared with the
big things they’re doing to make America worse: undermining health
care, environmental protection, financial regulation, and more.

RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com>

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