[USA] the coup has basically already happened

Subject: [USA] the coup has basically already happened
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Date: May 19 2018 02:49:16
Title: Rebecca Solnit: ‘The Coup Has Already Happened’
Author: John Gruber
Date: Fri, 18 May 2018 18:27:02 -0400
Link: https://lithub.com/rebecca-solnit-the-coup-has-already-happened/

Rebecca Solnit, in a compelling essay for Literary Hub:

The current situation of the United States is obscene, insane, and
incredible. If someone had pitched it for a thriller novel or film a few
years ago, they would’ve been laughed out of whatever office their proposal
made it to because fiction ought to be plausible. It isn’t plausible that a
solipsistic buffoon and his retinue of petty crooks made it to the White
House, but they did and there they are, wreaking more havoc than anyone would
have imagined possible, from environmental laws to Iran nuclear deals. It is
not plausible that the party in control of the federal government is for the
most part a kleptomaniac criminal syndicate.

★ [1]

[1]: https://daringfireball.net/linked/2018/05/18/solnit-the-coup (link)

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