Re: [Nicaragua] was the revolution betrayed?

Subject: Re: [Nicaragua] was the revolution betrayed?
From: (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Date: May 18 2018 03:58:02
RS Wood <> writes:

On 2018-05-10, NewsBeanie <> wrote:
Title: Debate amid Nicaragua unrest: Was the revolution fulfilled,
or betrayed?
Oh yes.  Oh fucking yes.  The revolution was betrayed.  By Ortega.  Do
the math: Ortega is now worse than the dictator he overthrew.  The
revolution lasted a few years before it was overthrown by a greedy
capitalist.  The same guy.  So many wasted years.

So impressed with the "National Dialogue" that has seen campesinos
confront Ortega head on while maintaining their calm and candor.  His
empty rhetoric is meaningless these days, and he was looking old and
haggard.  His and his stupid wife's awful paternalistic/maternalistic
schtick is grating.

Time to go, old man.  Time to go.

I'm wondering if he'll go the way of Bashar al-Assad though, and I'm
thinking he might.  If I can't have it, I'll burn it to the ground.

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