[Honduras] Re: Congress must step in

Subject: [Honduras] Re: Congress must step in
From: rsw@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
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Date: May 05 2018 22:16:08
On Sat, 05 May 2018 01:43:12 +0300
Marko Rauhamaa <marko@pacujo.net> wrote:

You can blame Trump all you want but Congress can--and must--step in:


   Tens of thousands of Hondurans who have lived in the United States
   for up to two decades must prepare to leave

As usual, it's more complicated than that.  Hondurans were given
protection meant to be temporary, in response to Hurricane Mitch.  Then
Congress never got around to shutting off the benefit.  Now they have.
The Honduran exception was never intended to be permanent.  Honduras
was a shithole 20 years ago, it's a shithole now.  Sorry guys, go home
and fix your country.

I follow Central American politics pretty closely, for personal
reasons.  See ya later, Hondurans.

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