[USA] nepotism and failure: Jared Kushner flames out

Subject: [USA] nepotism and failure: Jared Kushner flames out
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Date: Mar 05 2018 18:46:08

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For all of these crucial roles, Mr. Trump turned to his son-in-law,
Jared Kushner. Though Mr. Trump voices high praise for Mr. Kushner’s
talent, the fact that he’s family is qualification enough for a
president obsessed with close-lipped loyalty and uninterested in policy
unless it benefits himself.

So one year in, what has Mr. Kushner accomplished? The answers point to
why, from the nation’s founding to the present day, the architects of
American democracy have tried so mightily to restrict the hiring of
presidential relatives. Mr. Kushner’s achievements have not only been
paltry, but he is directly implicated in some of the president’s most
destructive — and self-destructive — decisions, as well as in some of
the most serious accusations of self-dealing that have been made
against the administration.

For more than two centuries, the principle that federal officials would
be selected on the basis of merit, not heredity, has been protected as
much by tradition, cultural norms and a desire to avoid the appearance
of impropriety as it has been by law. That has proved an insufficient
bulwark against an insecure, ignorant president, and his
administration, and the American people are now paying the price.

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