[USA] now requires alt-gov twitter accounts since officials ones banned

Subject: [USA] now requires alt-gov twitter accounts since officials ones banned
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Date: Feb 03 2018 19:05:50
Title: Had Enough Alt-Right? Try Alt-Gov!
Author: janrinok
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2018 11:15:00 -0500
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aristarchus[1] writes:

From a fine publication, The Modern Farmer[2], an intriguing exposé!

Twitter, specifically, has been a source of contention. It all started when
the official National Park Service account was asked to stop tweeting after
it shared photos that compared the crowd size of Trump's inauguration to the
crowd size of Obama's inauguration in 2009. Then the official Badlands
National Park Twitter went rogue and started tweeting facts about climate
change. The tweets were later removed and blamed on "a former employee who
was not authorized to use the park's account."

Since those tweets were removed, over 40 "alt" or "rogue" Twitter accounts
have sprouted up to fill in for many agencies and National Parks. Some of
them already have a pretty big following—currently, AltUSNatParkService has
more than 1.27 million followers. So far we're seeing climate facts,
inspirational quotes about the environment, cute photos of animals, and a lot
of snark (this is Twitter, after all).

TFA includes the a few of the more interesting ones, including:

* AltEPA[3] : He can take our official Twitter but he'll never take our
FREEDOM. Unofficial EPA #resistance. #factsmatter. If loving science is
wrong, we don't wanna be right. #factsmatter
* AltUSForestService[4] : The unofficial, and unsanctioned, #Resistance team
for the U.S. Forest Service. Not an official Forest Service account, not
publicly funded, citizen run. Read it while you can!
* AltUSDA[6] : Resisting the censorship of facts and science. Truth wins in
the end. Read the USDA Climate Change Solutions page while you still can:
https://t.co/99G1M2zuYG #resist #science #climatechange.
* AltFDA[7] : Uncensored FDA
* AltUSFWS[4] : The Alt U.S. Fish Wildlife Service (AltUSFWS) is dedicated to
the conservation, protection and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants
and their habitats

Being Twitter, some of these seem to have difficulty staying on-topic and seem
to think that anything is fair game.

Original Submission[8]

Read more of this story[9] at SoylentNews.

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