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Subject: Re: Is Haiti a 'shithole' compared to Norway? https
From: (Rubber Dove)
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Date: Jan 23 2018 06:05:47
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On Friday, January 12, 2018 at 12:23:47 AM UTC-7, PJay OD wrote:

Can you imagine if Obama had said such a thing? The Republicans
would have been all over him like a bad suit. This Trump is a
racist. Think about it-30 to 40% of the peeps in this country
agree with him!!  What have we become?

Racism wasn't a problem until liberals elected that nigger
Obama, and you bet your ass he and his butthole buddy Eric
Holder were nothing but nigger racists.

If Trump is a racist, you are too.  If you hate yourself and
your kind that much, go fucking kill yourself.  Jump off a

We've had enough of the self-hating apologist white assholes who
find every possible reason to be offended for things they have
no business sticking their nose in.

If I were Trump, I'd take the person who leaked the comment from
that meeting for a plane ride, pump 2 gallons of napalm up his
or her ass, stuff a rag in it, light it and kick the jerk out
the door at 30,000 feet over New York City.

If you want poor, dumb, worthless, thieving, HIV infected
niggers from Africa and Haiti for neighbors, you pay for their
welfare, health care, education, food and housing from your pay
check.  Keep your damned hands off mine.

Maybe you should have the Clintons pay back the $2 billion they
STOLE from Haiti after the earthquake.  Isn't that the epitome
of racism?

Rich white democrats stealing US GOVERNMENT MONEY from poor
displaced niggers after a natural disaster?

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