Trump's porn star and government shutdown

Subject: Trump's porn star and government shutdown
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Date: Jan 21 2018 14:50:54
Trump's porn star and government shutdown

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- "Stable Genius" and master of "The Art of the Deal"
Donald Trump could make a deal to keep a porn star's mouth shut, but
he couldn't make a deal to keep the U.S. Government he leads from
shutting down.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a month before the 2016
election, Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, set up Delaware shell company
to pay porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money  to deny having
an affair with Trump in 2006, when he was married to Melania and she
was pregnant with their son, Baron.

If any other evangelical-supported presidential nominee had paid hush
money to a porn star, just before the election, it would have cost him
the presidency.  If such a story had come out about any other sitting
president, it would have been a major scandal, dominating the news.
But with Trump, it's just a passing shower, barely showing up on
radar, not a storm.
The Stormy Daniels story also gives further credence to the Dossier
reports that Trump may have been compromised by the Russians, either
as the result of sexual escapades or financial deals.   The alleged
payoff to Daniels shows Trump is vulnerable to being compromised and
willing to do what it takes to prevent being found out.

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