Year two: Trump still has much further to fall

Subject: Year two: Trump still has much further to fall
From: (JAB)
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Date: Jan 19 2018 17:24:56
Year two: Trump still has much further to fall

1. 2018 will be a very rough year for President Trump - and
almost-catastrophic for the Republican Party, which has morphed into
the Trump Party;

2. Last week’s Quinnipiac poll said it all: While 66 percent of the
American people rate the economy as either "good or excellent," only
36 percent approve of the job President Trump is doing;

3. Normally, a president’s approval rating tracks the rating of the
economy: When the economy is struggling, so is the POTUS’ ratings.
Conversely, previous presidents generally had their approval numbers
go up when the economy went up;

4. But Trump’s behavior - his divisive, boastful, dishonest,
egotistical, infantile, self-aggrandizing personality - has made it
impossible for most people to give him any credit for anything;

5. This has now rubbed off on the Republican Party. Most polls now
give Democrats a double-digit lead in generic polling on the question,
"Who do you want to control Congress in November?"


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