his support base has eroded

Subject: his support base has eroded
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Date: Jan 19 2018 15:27:27
As Trump's first year in office ends, his support base has eroded and
the opposition is energized

Donald Trump began his presidency a polarizing figure; he ends his
first year a beleaguered one.

As the anniversary of Trump's inauguration approaches on Saturday, the
president's support has eroded, his opposition has gained energy and
his party faces bleak prospects for the midterm elections in November,
according to a new USC-Dornsife/Los Angeles Times nationwide poll.

Just under one-third of those polled, 32%, approved of Trump's job
performance, compared with 55% who disapproved and 12% who were
neutral. That 23-point deficit represents a significant decline since
April and the last USC/L.A. Times national poll, which found Trump
with a 7-point approval deficit, 40% to 47%.


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