[Venezuela] lumps of coals for assholes all around

Subject: [Venezuela] lumps of coals for assholes all around
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Date: Jan 07 2018 20:58:17
Title: Lumps of coal for everyone
Author: Naky Soto
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2018 11:38:46 -0500
Link: https://www.caracaschronicles.com/2018/01/07/coal/

While lawmaker Omar Barboza starts his period as speaker of the National
Assembly tweeting about the need to determine “the root cause” which has turned
our country into a poverty factory —where has this guy been all these years?—
the government, through Sundde, continues with its controlled lootings in
supermarket chains, imposing absurd prices, taking no responsibility for each
bankrupt company. They want to take over whatever Fama de América, Lácteos Los
Andes or La Gaviota can’t produce anymore -regardless of dwindling inventories
or the companies’ resupply capacity-, and they want it without explaining that
the State is set to reduce imports by 40%. The epic story behind the “Dakazo”
may not work this time.

There’s no food, but also no medicines, cash, electrical power, transport,
water or cooking gas. We lack solid guarantees to live with normality, but
Nicolás would rather celebrate Guaicaipuro’s campaign, while hundreds of people
try to take advantage of the fake low prices.

The order

A memo signed by the supervisor for the protection of socio-economic rights
(ha!), establishes the guidelines for the operation “Supermarket Chains“ -which
is also called “All against the war” in the same document-, starting with the
request for the full list of prices up to December 15, 2017, of the full
inventory of products in each branch supermarket, the inspection of all
warehouses and in case the chains are storing merchandise without selling, they
had to put it for sale. After this, inspectors would verify if the chains had
been hoarding products.

The order includes finding out what supermarkets are doing with the cash they
receive and review their bank transactions, as well as the coordination with
the respective ZODI. It was inspiring that the supervisor specified that the
officials who don’t comply with each of the described steps, would face
administrative penalties, as well as the ban of stock resupply “until further
notice.” The government wants shortages to be far worse so that they can make
people more dependant on their resources, while they destroy the whole
productive chain and collapses the supply of food as malnutrition is on the
rise, with hunger setting the pace.

Ridiculous and stupid

This Saturday, Defense minister Vladimir Padrino López expressed his “great
shock” for the new sanctions imposed by the U.S. State Department on four of
his comrades in arms, calling them an infamous, vulgar and obscene blackmail
against the Armed Forces, calling them ridiculous and stupid; key adjectives in
the military language. The minister asked for information on the investigations
that justify the accusations for corruption and crimes against humanity
weighing on his comrades -because you know, each accusation made by the
government is always undeniably backed by an investigation- and remarked that
the sanctions are part of “a strategy of hybrid war whose purpose is
undermining the government’s pillars” to cause ungovernability and carry out
domination plans.

Curaçao speaks

“This decision is regrettable. There was no previous diplomatic approach. We’re
assessing the risks and consequences of this measure,” said Curazao prime
minister Eugene Rhuggenaath, regarding Nicolás’ decision to shut down
communication with Aruba, Curazao and Bonaire and order the takeover of ports
and airports. Rhuggenaath emphasized that there’s a relationship of
neighbouring countries between the nations that they value greatly and that his
government will always be open to cooperated in the fight against illegal
trafficking. He added that he’ll meet the general Consul to review the details
and the concrete policy of the measure and fulfill the steps to restore
communications. The government is yet to explain why a measure against
trafficking will only last 72 hours.

Fierce media campaign

While people discuss the consequences of Sundde’s controlled lootings, chavismo
flooded social networks with messages regarding the alleged discussions -in the
335 municipalities across the country!- about the next plan de la patria which
surely must be printed already with a giant picture of Nicolás’ mustache.
Minister Jorge Rodríguez took the opportunity to denounce the dissemination of
negative news on Venezuela and cited Reuters as an example, because according
to him, 60% of the news this agency reports show negativity, disregarding the
joy that defines Venezuelans, starting for defining the carnet de la patria as
the “digital government’s most powerful tool,” following with the seven million
people who allegedly registered to get their Bono de Reyes and finishing up
with the suggestion that the elegant minister Rodríguez made to the opposition
delegation that will travel to the Dominican Republic: “We’ll be waiting for
you there with a bottle of Hirudoid or with a stronger anti-inflammatory


Lawmaker Timoteo Zambrano resigned to his post in the opposition’s negotiation
team after being accused several times of allegedly collaborating with the
government. He claims that he’s always defended dialogue as a viable solution
to the crisis and as a route to restore the accord of political and social
cohabitation, saying that progress is impossible without that accord. Zambrano
assumes that various actors within MUD (including his own peers in the dialogue
delegation) argued against his candidacy as National Assembly Speaker because
he defended these ideas. Therefore, if he was barred from leading the AN, he
also feels that he’s barred from negotiations, so he’s resigning out of
coherence. Zambrano finishes his letting appealing to the sincerity of the
political leadership, wishing them good fortune in talks and the
crystallization of the necessary agreement.

Another potential absence

Mexican Foreign minister Luis Videgaray Caso sent a letter to Dominican
President Danilo Medina, expressing his concern for the Venezuelan government’s
behaviour in recent days, which could put his mediation in doubt and binding it
to the possibility of achieving the necessary conditions, because he believes
that political negotiation is the only route to ”reach a peaceful solution to
the Venezuelan crisis.” Videgaray is one of the five mediators for negotiations
between the government and the opposition.

The newspaper La Nación in Táchira stopped circulating for lack of newsprint, a
new “accomplishment” of the censorship policy that the Executive developed
through the Alfredo Maneiro Corporation and its control on newsprint. As you
can read, my friends, the Reyes Magos brought us nothing but coal this year.

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