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Subject: Re: Forum Charter
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Mar 06 2018 03:50:27
On 2018-02-17, Richard M  Tater <> wrote:
Guess who's your heavy-handed valentine this year, ladies?  That's right,
it's Big Dick Tater, the cock of steel in the satin pants, and I'm here to
knock you up -- I mean out.

Let's face it: the world has spoken, and they've said they want mem to be
men and women to be women, and they want heavy-handed leadership, bold,
no-holds-barred scorched earth politics, and some huge swinging cock to
help sort out what's what.  Well ladies, I'm your man.  Happy V Day from
your big D.

Real ladies appreciate line wrap, I'm told. At 80 columns.

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