Re: [Honduras] election crisis

Subject: Re: [Honduras] election crisis
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Dec 07 2017 01:17:45
Those who believe that Mr Hernández’s National Party is trying to steal
the election have grounds for suspicion. Before the vote, The Economist
obtained a tape of what appears to be a training session for party
members who would man polling stations. In it, the trainer instructs
the workers how to carry out “Plan B”, a set of apparently fraudulent
“strategies” that includes filling in leftover ballots, spoiling
ballots and damaging barcodes on tally sheets if they record a majority
for opposition parties. The purpose of this technique, says the
government employee leading the session, is to delay inclusion of tally
sheets favouring the opposition in the preliminary count. As Mr
Hernández pulled into the lead on November 29th, opposition supporters
consulting the TSE’s website claimed that nearly all tally sheets
excluded from the count favoured Mr Nasralla.

Honduran police not in the mood to go repress.

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