Where is Latin America headed these days?

Subject: Where is Latin America headed these days?
From: rsw@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
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Date: Dec 05 2017 16:43:02
The recent presidential vote in Chile, along with the Nov. 26 contest
in Honduras, signals the beginning of a yearlong electoral cycle in
Latin America. By the end of 2018, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa
Rica, Paraguay and perhaps Venezuela will have elected new leaders. As
in Chile and Honduras, there will be surprises, but certain issues are
sure to be important in all of these countries: corruption, crime and
violence; a deep and broad dissatisfaction with democracy; and growing
frustration with drawn-out, mediocre or downright dreadful economic

These issues can cut in many ways. In some cases — Mexico, Brazil and
Colombia — they can propel perceived or real “outsiders” into office.
In others, they may generate a simple, traditional, anti-incumbency
bias — perhaps in the unexpected runoff in Chile, in Venezuela if an
election is actually held and quite possibly in Colombia, where a
highly successful president is highly unpopular. Finally, in a handful
of nations, continuity will trump risky or dangerous change, as
electorates prefer the devil they know.



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