Re: [USA] How the Repubs irreparably broke Congress

Subject: Re: [USA] How the Repubs irreparably broke Congress
From: (RS Wood)
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Date: Dec 03 2017 20:52:57
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Title: Opinion: How the Republicans Broke Congress

Today's "rightists" republicans are like the southern plantation
owners, who couldn't sort the future chaff from the wheat.

Cause and effect is not part of their vociferations, when their shit
hits the fan.

It's a rhetorical game these days, with "rational" BS streaming from

Nothing rational about it.  They're totally bought, put there on a mission
to deliver benefits to the billionaires who elected them, at the expense of
the proletariat.  They're desperate to show they can deliver, and are hoping
the gum-chewing masses aren't paying attention (which, increasingly, it
would seem they are not).

Mitch McConnell, that goggle-eyed bastard, can go choke on a bag of dicks.
Here's what happens when your entire "political elite" (coughh cough)
consists of billionaires: they make decisions for the benefit of
billionaires.  McCain, while getting brain cancer treatment via his
expensive health insurance, voted to remove cancer benefits in standard
insurance plans.  And yes, while collecting a salary paid for by taxes.
He'll meet his maker soon enough: wonder how he'll answer for this kind of

This democracy has been pushed somewhat over the edge by things like "money
= free speech" and the equivalent, that have raised the price of getting
elected and therefore restricted government to all but the wealthiest.  OF
COURSE we have an oligarchy at the moment; that's the result of our recent
decisions (poor ones, at that).

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