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Date: Oct 09 2017 15:57:21
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Trump takes his opponents’ evils to staggering new heights

Based on media coverage, government email security seemed to be the No.
1 issue preoccupying the American public last year. In fact, you could
be forgiven for thinking the entire 2016 election was a referendum on
whether it’s okay for public servants to use private email, stored on a
private server, to conduct official government business.

Also in hypocricy: respecting the Oval Office.  Sacrilege when you do
it; perfectly fine when I do it.

Republicans used to care a whole lot about how a president comported
himself, and whether he acted at all times with the dignity his station

“Is President Obama Disrespecting the Oval Office?” Fox News asked in
2010, with a link to images of Mr. Obama and his aides tossing a
football, or eating apples just inches from the Resolute desk.

“Wear a suit coat and tie,” said Andrew Card Jr., President George W.
Bush’s former chief of staff, in reaction to pictures of Mr. Obama in
shirtsleeves in 2009.

“I do expect him to send the message that people who are going to be in
the Oval Office should treat the office with the respect that it has
earned over history,” Mr. Card said.

But hey, that was then! In 2017, there’s a whole new bar for tolerable
conduct by the commander in chief. Our original guide cataloged several
dozen examples.

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