[USA] non-response to Puerto Rico

Subject: [USA] non-response to Puerto Rico
From: rsw@therandymon.com (RS Wood)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Organization: solani.org
Date: Sep 29 2017 21:24:35
Wondering why Trump and team went running immediately to Texas to help,
but turned a blind eye to Puerto Rico?

Here's your answer:  Texas voted overwhelmingly for Marco Rubio, not
Trump, in its primary.  Trump is slighted, and will get his revenge the
dictatorial way.

Texas voted for Trump:

P.R. voted for Rubio:

I've seen shitty governments do this all the time: when there's a
natural disaster, you spend the government money on your friends, and
take the opportunity to teach your enemies a lesson on how they
*should* have voted.

RS Wood <rsw@therandymon.com>

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