Re: [USA] tips for the aristocracy: how to brag

Subject: Re: [USA] tips for the aristocracy: how to brag
From: (Marko Rauhamaa)
Newsgroups: dictator.america,
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Date: Aug 24 2017 20:22:20
RS Wood <>:

On 2017-08-23, Marko Rauhamaa <> wrote:
Oh, please. I'm all for the government providing for the needy. In
fact, the tax code should be used for the explicit purpose of
redistributing wealth. However, let the rich have their fun.

Ha ha! You let *your* rich have *their* fun. These rich are apparently
having their fun on the American taxpayer's account. Surely you can
agree that's not right?

I believe we *must* give the rulers tax-payer-funded perks. Otherwise,
they will resort to corruption and do us far more damage.

People in Finland have been grumbling about the handsome pension
benefits of ex-MPs. Unless someone can show that these benefits are a
principal reason for Finland's economic woes, we should just tolerate

Why, in a democracy the benefits are open to anybody. Simply get elected
by your peers!


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