[USA] more troops in Afghanistan is national madness

Subject: [USA] more troops in Afghanistan is national madness
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Date: Aug 22 2017 15:43:14
Our Afghanistan repetition is a form of national madness: A vet who
served there on Trump's 'new' strategy


 was 23 years old when I first set foot in Afghanistan. Barely a year
out of college. I’ll be 40 next year.

The other 23-year-olds I served with are now crusty lieutenant
colonels. They are eyeing retirement.

We’ve been in Afghanistan for a very long time. It has cost us a
trillion dollars and thousands of lives.

If my own story doesn’t resonate, take the kids in the second grade
classroom on Sept. 11, 2001. They were seven when President Bush read
to them “The Pet Goat.” They are now 23. They’re adults. They are the
same age I was when I led troops into Afghanistan as an Army officer.

This is the prism through which I watched President Trump’s speech to
the nation last night about our commitment in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear anything original or innovative. I didn’t
hear anything that hadn’t already been tried.

What I heard was the President rattle off a tired approach that’s
gotten us where we are now: no closer to a resolution than we were in
spring 2002. What’s sad is that one doesn’t even have to be a
professional analyst to pick this disappointing nonsense apart.

Trump said, “a core pillar of our new strategy is a shift from a
time-based approach to one based on conditions.”

Not surprisingly, President Obama said the same thing about Afghanistan
in 2009, that “security conditions will determine how many forces can
leave and how fast.” But more to the point, we are clearly not on “a
time-based approach” now or we wouldn’t still be in Afghanistan. You
don’t stay in a place for 16 years when you have a timetable to get out.

Trump also repeatedly talked about avoiding a “hasty” withdrawal. The
thing is, there is no such thing as “hasty” when you’ve been muddling
around in a war for this long.

Dildo Baggins <dildo@gofuckyourself.gmail.invalid>

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