Re: enemy of the American People

Subject: Re: enemy of the American People
From: (JAB)
Newsgroups: dictator.america
Date: Aug 01 2017 04:25:18
On Sun, 30 Jul 2017 02:57:12 +0000, RS Wood <>

Adding dictator.america to the mix, for obvious reasons.

the presidency and the falsehoods are really beyond belief.  Amateur hour on
Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's their propaganda game, but who-ever is the master-mind will end
up with "roasted balls."

Consider attorney Ty Cobb was "appointed by President Trump as White
House special counsel," Trump is aware of a storm brewing.

Both the Washington Post and the NY Times are doubling down

Yes, for non subscribers, I think some of these newspapers are
allowing access without a pay-wall.

The rumors that narcissistic for president

A person has one idea that bears fruit, and then it goes to his head.

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