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Date: Jul 30 2017 03:57:12
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Mr Bum Steer calls the media ‘the enemy of the American People’

Other presidents have battled the press. But never like Trump
Los Angeles Times

He's not the first president to have issues with the press - Thomas
Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln had complaints too - but President Trump
has taken his battle with the media to new heights and made his
complaints unusually public and caustic.

Watergate journalist Bernstein: True 'enemy of the people' is
presidential lying

The legendary journalist who helped uncover the Watergate scandal says
President Trump’s attacks on the free press are more treacherous than
Richard Nixon’s.

"The most dangerous 'enemy of the people' is presidential
lying--always. Attacks on press by @realDonaldTrump more treacherous
than Nixon’s," Carl Bernstein tweeted Saturday.

"Real news (not fake) is that @realDonaldTrump trying to make conduct
of press the issue instead of egregious (and unhinged)conduct of
POTUS," he added. "When focus of press was on Hillary's server--by
same 'fake news' orgs/'enemies of the people' cited by
@realDonaldTrump--he saw patriots."

Adding dictator.america to the mix, for obvious reasons.

Too bad the more he battles, the stupider he looks.  We're only a month into
the presidency and the falsehoods are really beyond belief.  Amateur hour on
Pennsylvania Avenue.

This little situation may have the perversely opposite effect of giving
Americans a new respect for quality news reporting, bludgeoning the
"Internet News for free" phenomenon once and for all - that would be sweet
payback.  Both the Washington Post and the NY Times are doubling down on a
marketing pitch of "this is real news and we work hard to provide the
truth," which I find really interesting.

The rumors that narcissistic Zuckerberg thinks creating Facebook somehow
qualifies him to run for president, on the other hand ... God help us:
Facebook sucks donkeyballs.

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