[USA] Hitler Youth, or not

Subject: [USA] Hitler Youth, or not
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Date: Jul 25 2017 18:52:48

“As of this moment, still awaiting a statement denouncing the President’s speech, and his attempt to turn the BSA into the Trump Youth,” said Colorado resident Thomas Bailey, who said he was an Eagle Scout.

Erin Callahan Olander, the mother of an Eagle Scout, joined others in calling the speech “horrendous” and asking for an apology to their children.

“I was horrified that trump would address the scouts at jamboree with inappropriate stories and booing–booing!–a past president,” she wrote.

“As an organization that promotes good character I expect that the BSA leadership will explain why this was allowed to happen and how that kind of behavior will be prevented in future.”

Others simply said they would not donate money to the organization in the future.

“As someone who had a child in scouts until age 13 and worked with the scouts as a den leader locally- not another minute of time or cent in donations until you formally apologize for allowing a rambling, offensive, partisan speech to your members,” Slayde Warren wrote.

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