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Subject: Re: [USA] McConnell and healthcare
From: (Dildo Baggins)
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Date: Jun 28 2017 19:58:38
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With members of his own party balking at even bringing the measure to
the Senate floor, Mr. McConnell announced on Tuesday that a vote would
be delayed until after the July 4 recess. A wiser course — for his
party as well as the nation — would be to concede defeat and give up
what now seems a desperate quest to fulfill a seven-year-old party
commitment to kill an Obama-era program that, as it turns out, a large
number of Americans would like to see preserved and improved.

Ha.  And finally:

For a good laugh, or rather cry, zip backward to the beginning of 2014,
when Democrats still had control of the Senate, and listen to Mitch
McConnell’s lamentations about the way they were doing business.

“Major legislation is now routinely drafted not in committee but in the
majority leader’s conference room,” he declaimed on the Senate floor.
“Bills should go through committee.” He pledged that if Republicans
were “fortunate enough to gain the majority next year, they would.”

In a speech a few months later at the American Enterprise Institute, he
said, “The greatest way to ensure stability in our laws is to ensure
that everyone has an opportunity to participate in some way in the
passage.” He railed about the lack of transparency from Democrats and
the damage they’d done “to the spirit of comity and respect that the
public has every right to expect from their leaders.”

“If Republicans were fortunate enough to reclaim the majority in
November, I assure you, my friends, all of this would change,” he vowed

Republicans were fortunate enough. McConnell became the majority
leader. And if you can find committee hearings, transparency, full
participation, comity, respect or anything akin to good faith in the
way he just tried to ram his health care bill through the chamber, then
I want you on the hunt for the yeti and, pretty please, the Fountain of

His approach may prove fatal: On Tuesday, he had to postpone any vote
on the legislation until after July 4.

Then again, perhaps he isn’t really chasing success. One intriguing
theory is that he has no yen for stripping insurance from tens of
millions of Americans and having it come back to bite Republicans. But
he must go convincingly through the motions, lest President Trump mewl
and right-wing donors carp that he isn’t seizing his best chance to
drive a stake through Obamacare’s heart.

Whatever the case, it’s a sorry turn for a man who paid such lip
service to the courtesy and collaboration that supposedly distinguished
the Senate, which he did, in his way, seem to revere.

Dildo Baggins <>

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