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Subject: Re: [USA] populist president screws the people with his budget
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Date: Jun 19 2017 16:30:38
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This is where we chronicle the life and times of the nascent Fascist
Republic of Trumpostan.

Thanks for the votes, poor people.  I'll start by cutting just about
every benefit you ever received, and slash your healthcare coverage.
Suck it, poor people!

His first major legislative effort was a health care bill that would
cause 23 million people to lose coverage, according to the
Congressional Budget Office’s estimate, while cutting taxes for the
affluent. It would hit older Americans, who disproportionately voted
for Mr. Trump, particularly hard in the form of higher health insurance
costs. The bill, which is being revised by the Senate, is deeply
unpopular, according to public opinion polls.

Despite the president’s talk of a bold $1 trillion infrastructure plan,
there is not yet an actual legislative proposal, and the approach the
administration has described relies heavily on tax credits to encourage
private investment. That tends to limit the scope of any projects to
those that can generate revenue to pay off investors.

On taxes there is also no legislative proposal yet, and the bullet
points the administration has released imply much bigger advantages for
corporations and the highest earners than for middle-class Americans.

On opioid addiction and other problems facing some of the troubled
communities that heavily favored Mr. Trump at the voting booth, the
most visible thing the administration has done is appoint a task force.
His budget would slash regional development funds, through the
Appalachian Regional Commission and the Delta Regional Authority, for
example, both of which benefit areas that voted overwhelmingly for Mr.

On top of it all, Mr. Trump has set a political tone that makes it
harder to change course and find bipartisan support for something like
the MAGA Act later. Instead of putting Democrats in a jam by proposing
something broadly popular, the president has made it easy for them to
be united in opposition.

Essentially, for all of Mr. Trump’s populist rhetoric, he has
outsourced his domestic policy agenda to the austere, spending-averse
congressional Republicans.

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